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21 A survey by World Economic Forum indicates that the COVID has increased demand for more adoption .

This paper categories of concepts influencing technology adoption in SMEs

which are technological



This research has crucial implications for practising managers.

policymakers and SMEs business owners To the best of the authors’ knowledge
this study is perhaps

We examine the impact of ICT adoption and innovation on SMEs access to finance • ICT adoption and innovation positive


studies have shown the advantages of adopting ICT in companies in terms of cost savings
improvement of services
creation of opportunities


Bhalerao amp Patil 2021 explored the factors preventing the adoption of ICT in SMEs and discussed the benefits due to su
while .

Abstract External support is critical to the success of ICT adoption in SMEs
as these businesses are lagging due to a general lack of IT literacy.


and training

Abstract and Figures. This paper explores patterns of adoption and use of information and c ommunications technology.

ICT by small and medium sized enterprises

SMEs. in the south west .

Findings. The literature suggests that SMEs adopt IT for many reasons. In general.

the majority of the changes result from pressures from both internal and external .

Theoretical and empirical studies have demonstrated the necessity to gain and exploit the positive outcomes productivity
organization expansion.


This study addressed research questions using the Technology Organization Environment model. The results of this study show that the performance of SMEs .

To this end.

a particularly rich dataset is utilized based on a large scale survey Greek SMEs. Estimations of ordered probit models show that innovation and .

We examine the impact of ICT adoption and innovation on SMEs access to finance • ICT adoption and innovation positively influence the SMEs access to finance

Understanding how small and medium sized enterprises

adopt information technology IT in a rapidly changing business environment is important to

Previous literature on technological adoption in SMEs has found that top management or owners managers strongly influenc

The role evaluation plays in SMMEs’ decision making to adopt the technology.

and the ability to evaluate technology potentials thereof
is explored

As societies aim to adopt technologies
we highlighted other key challenges and recommendations to enhance ICT adoption and integration into rural areas in South Africa. Previous article in issue Next The entrenched socio cultural norms and beliefs have significantly shaped the impact of ICTs in the country.

resulting in .

Information Technology IT adoption is an important field of study in a number of areas
which include small and medium sized enterprises.

SMEs Due to the numerous advantages of IT.

SMEs are .

The paper.

examines information behaviour of SMEs by explicitly exploring the determinants of perceived information need for EICT

information source selection .

idence of the strong positive effect of ICTs on performance 1.

36 38 The effect of ICTs on the improvement of external and internal communication plays a major role in the innovati
40 Furthermore
the use of broadband internet has been found to have a positive impact on innovation among SMEs 41.

42 Several

The adoption of technology is particularly essential for SMEs to compete with larger and less resource constrained firms

there has only been basic research on how SME entrepreneurs can .

The research aimed at answering key questions regarding the use of ICTs among SMEs in their businesses with an analysis and consideration of the possible factors that enable ICTs to be valued.

as drivers and the possible factors that deter them not to be recognised as business development agents to be the barri


and SMEs owners managers are likely to adopt new ICT only if the technology is compatible with their current businesses



2004 Thus

the following .

A lack of awareness with regards to Information and Communication Technologies.


also plays a role when considering the challenges SMEs face.

especially within developing economies Arefin .

Factors Influencing Adoption of Information and Communication Technology ICT.

among Small and Medium Enterprises
in Tanzania International Journal of Research in Management and Technology

ICT has an impact on improving external and internal communication and that for best performance.

it is important to align ICT investment with internal capabilities and organizational processes

Eleven variables are proposed as the factors that influence SMEs in adopting of e commerce The adoption of customer
organizational characteristics and information technology adoption in small businesses Omega

Aramendia Muneta and Ollo L pez 2013 conducted a study on the impact of ICT on firms competitiveness.



and market share in the tourism industry in twenty nine European

limited empirical studies on the behavioral intention towards the adoption of digital marketing among SMEs are still in the early stages in developing economies.

such as Ghana 36.


As a result
many have ended up frustrated with their ICT investments Our objective in this study was to build a snapshot on the im
Kenya. Findings from this .

Based on the analysis.

the following are the main five factors reported to affect the adoption and use of Information Technology in Africa La
unreliable infrastructure

high .

Analyzing ICT adoption and use effects on knowledge creation An empirical investigation in SMEs International Journal of Information 6 521 528.

From the second half of s

increased investment in information and communication technologies.


has led to an acceleration of productivity growth and performance in many developed and newly industrialized countries. However.

less is known about the current situation of SMEs in developing countries. This article addresses this .

11. 12.. The OECD report “ The Digital Transformation of SMEs ” was lauched. at a special Meet the author event

held back to back with nd D4SME Roundtable Prepared under the aegis of the OECD Working Party on SMEs and Entrepreneur

the report illustrates

A Brief Introduction to E Commerce Usage in the COVID the rise of the digital economy
digitalization has fundamentally transformed the way we live and work 1 Since the outbreak of the COVID in

people have been increasingly relying more on digital technologies due to pandemic prevention and .

examining information communication technology ict adoption in smes a dynamic capabilities approach Journal of Enterprise Information 9 00 00.

We report our investigation into the Information Communication Technology

strategy of SMEs in Bangladesh based on the administration of questionnaires and case studies to determine whether

and communication technology
adoption in SMEs has changed the business scene.

which has led to economic and social developments that have enthused every aspect of human life J oseph.


The only way to counter this intense competition is the adoption of Information and Communication Technology.

Chau amp Deng

which is a critical step that enables SMEs in developing

The use of ICT has grown and changes with increasing rapidity Its adoption can be related to not only multinationals co

but also SMEs Maguire et. al..

2007 ICT is seen as being

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The Small and Medium Enterprises in economics are able to develop by Information Communication Technology


adoption The adoption is determined Badan Diklat Industri Region IV Yogyakarta SMEs managers R Kelly Jr 199

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